Wedding Limo Service

Weddings rank high in almost everyone’s list of the “most momentous occasions in their lives”, even way above birthdays, graduations and anniversaries. It marks that one special moment when two individuals make that commitment to become one, and share their lives together for the rest of their lives. Of course, everything should be special, which is why great steps are taken and a lot of thought, effort and resources are put into making everything perfect, from the bride’s wedding dress to the venue, to the food for the guests.

Orlando Wedding Limo Service

Orlando Wedding Limo Service

There is one thing that also gets a lot of attention when it comes to planning a wedding: the transportation. How will the groom and his bride arrive at their reception halls, and how will they leave afterwards? Of course, it could not be just any vehicle. It has to be something extraordinary, luxurious, and add grandeur to your wedding day – something that befits the wedding of your dreams: a limo service.

A limo service has become an intrinsic part of modern day weddings, and our Orlando Wedding limo Service has gained recognition as being the best option around. Brides and their bridegrooms who wish to arrive in style and luxury at their reception halls will definitely have a memorable time of it when they ride on a limousine especially designed for weddings. Granted, there are a lot of transport service companies that offer wedding limo services in and around Orlando, and their services are designed to cater to the needs of wedding couples. However, we are proud to say that we are the top choice among these service providers.

Weddings happen rarely in the life of one person. Therefore, it requires the perfect setting to make it grand and elegant. But getting to the setting – where the wedding will be held and the reception right after – also matters a lot. In this case, wedding limo service companies ensure that they provide couples the best possible car with all the modern amenities and facilities that will see to their comfort and luxury.

lincoln stretch limo for wedding

We have customized our limousines to suit the atmosphere of the wedding. Extra attention is paid to how it is adorned, and we see to it that it fits with the theme of the wedding, if any. The added décor to the vehicles used in our wedding limo service is sure to add even more charm to the occasion and put everyone, especially the bride and the groom, in a celebratory mood.

The most popular modifications and decorations to customize our limousines for wedding service are flowers and accessories. These effectively add more warmth to the special occasion and evoke best wishes and positive emotions among everyone that sees it. Of course, we will get the input of the bride and the groom to ensure that the customization is up to their standards. If they have special requests, we will look into fulfilling them.

Our Orlando wedding transportation service offers an extensive range of high end cars in our fleet that are primarily designed to serve for this exclusive service. Our clients will have the chance to take their pick from our fleet, depending on what they want for their wedding day. Rest assured that every vehicle in our fleet will definitely help make your wedding day even more special and memorable.

Many are apprehensive about hiring a limo for their weddings because they are afraid it might be too expensive. The rates of our limo wedding service vary, depending on the choice of limousine as well as the duration that it will be hired. You are sure to find one that fits your budget and your specific needs and preferences.

Generally, the limo service company is the one that fixes a minimum duration for the cars to be hired. However, we also offer flexibility, since we understand that time is of the essence for all parties involved.

Limousines are expensive cars, and not everyone can readily purchase and own one. During your wedding, you do not have to go out on a limb and buy a limousine just to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the occasion. That is precisely why availing our wedding limo services is the best and most practical option for you.

Our Orlando wedding limo service company offers this experience for a nominal charge. Our fleet of cars is well-maintained and kept in top condition, so you will not be disappointed. We also provide the well trained and experienced chauffeur to handle the limos as you ride in it. Our chauffeurs are skilled in handling this type of vehicle even in hectic traffic. They are polite, courteous, and committed to making the whole wedding limo experience a pleasurable one.Since it is a wedding, we make it a point that they are also dressed properly. Their exclusive uniforms will never look out of place in any wedding, so that charming and elegant wedding atmosphere you were aiming for will not be affected.

Since your wedding is one of the most important and special days of your life, you definitely want to plan everything in advance, and with a lot of attention to detail. Hiring a Wedding Transportation service for your wedding day will guarantee that you and your bride or bridegroom will have a great and classy mode of transportation.

Check out this Infographic to see why renting a limo can make your wedding even more special.

Infographic - Make your wedding day special with a limo

Infographic Source: El Paseo


Our Orlando wedding limo service does not end on the day of the wedding. If the couple so desires, it can even be extended to be used for the duration of their honeymoon trip. The company will charge an extra but nominal amount for the extension.

Keep in mind that a limo ride is not something that happens often. Thus, spending a little more money on a limo ride is totally worth it, since it will give you memories of a luxurious and stylish ride, and you and your wife or husband will take great pleasure in looking back on your wedding day and remember how you rode in style, comfort and luxury on a limousine. Your wedding day will surely stand out in both your memories not only for the vows you made, the presence of your friends and family to witness the union, and the elegance of the setting. You can make it even more special with the help of Orlando Wedding Limo Service.

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